For Teachers

The goal of the EnCoMPASS project is to help teachers further develop their knowledge and ability to think about, assess, and understand students’ progress. Specifically, it helps teachers recognize students’ methods of thinking, misconceptions and problem solving as well as provide opportunities and contexts for developing the knowledge, skills, and practices to support adcances in students, mathematical thinking and problem solving.

EnCoMPASS teachers have access to the Math Forum Problems of the Week archive, a unique and extensive database of student thinking and student-teacher interaction. EnCoMPASS teachers have at their fingertips a vast amount of student-generated content to use to study typical student responses and develop strategies and heuristics for work with their own students. Analysis of problems, student solutions, and student-teacher interactions enables teachers to appreciate and build on the variety of ways students engage with mathematics content and provide a context to explore issues of mathematics learning and teaching, student understanding and proficiency, and differentiated instruction.

EnCoMPASS also supports teachers in the construction of classroom resources to effectively implement the Mathematical Practices of the CCSS.