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From: G.
Subject: Re: October 2 is almost here


Much of what you sent was very helpful, especially in terms of mind set and extent of involvement on our part. Thanks for taking the time.

Though I would think many teachers would think of this stuff, it is really helpful to list all components in one location. Having the "alignment standards" readily available is always helpful.

I would go as far as to suggest that if this is one's first time using it, the POW's should ONLY be used as extra credit, homework, extension and enrichment opportunities or math clubs. Again, I don't know all the implications for public school teachers acquiring use of "labs," but most first time user teachers won't either. This gives them a chance to see what it is they'll be dealing with.

I would also stress (on teacher pages I mean) the point that these problems while requiring some skills and algorithms, certainly do speak to mathematical thinking, therefore, they should not be the ONLY way a teacher addresses issues of mathematical thinking. I'd reiterate that the classroom structure must allow for time to problem solve, to have small group work, to use cross curricular subject matter, math journaling, and opportunities for children to apply what the've learned to real life situations.

I loved the honesty and helpfulness of the setup stuff. I believe you are quite thorough here. Other teachers should find it helpful as well.

Talk to you later,

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