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From: Alice Elstien
Subject: Marathon Graphing comments


My high school algebra students graphed the data on our Library computers using a software graphing tool. They were able to use correct dimensions; change from hours, minutes, and seconds to minutes; re-learn rounding; plot their points and grab a line to "fit" the men's data easily. We then printed our graphs.

The next day our opening problem was to predict the actual Olympic times for the men's marathon in 1926 from their graphs. (They used the almanac and noticed that 1924 was the Olympic year.) Students actually understood what was happening. THANK YOU!

What a great introduction to graphing linear (simultaneous) equations. Some students decided to graph the women's times on the same graph rather than make their own plots by hand. They explained to me what the point of intersection of their best fit lines meant!

I could not get the least squares program to show on my classroom computer. I could use help downloading the script for it. It worked fine on my home computer. What a great enrichment idea!

Alice Elstien
Indio High School

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