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Search and Rescue: Part II

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Search and Rescue: Part II


Now that you are a licensed Search and Rescue helicopter pilot, you are ready to help engineers decide where to build the new rescue base. Two campgrounds are placed near the lakes on opposite sides of the mountains. Use the applet to experiment.

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  1. How many places could you put the new rescue base in order to guarantee equal response time to either campground?

  2. Explain to the engineers where they should build the rescue base and why, using precise information from your map. Remember that the engineers need very precise instructions.

  3. The engineers have come back and reported that there will likely be twice as many campers in the Moose campground as in the Trout campground. This means that, on average, twice as many rescue missions will be required for the Moose campground. Based on this new information, where would you now position the rescue base?

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