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Marabyn usually takes a bus home from school. The weather today is beautiful and the bus is traveling so slowly that she decides to get off and just walk the rest of the way home. She'd like to walk at least 10 minutes but she doesn't want to walk more than 2 kilometers to her home which is 9 kilometers from school.

Using the tools in the Java applet, select a distance for Marabyn to have traveled in the bus and to use as the start of her walk by moving the slider, and choose a walking time from the pull-down menu.

Open Java Applet


  1. How far (distance) can Marabyn travel on the bus if she wants to walk at least 10 minutes but not more than 2 kilometers to get home? How long (time) will she walk?

  2. List two more bus-travel distances and walking times that also get Marabyn home.

  3. Write an equation that uses Marabyn's walking speed of 0.1 km/min and the variables "t" for walking time and "d" for bus-travel distance to express the distance of Marabyn's journey home.

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