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October 2000 - December 2000

  1. In the Dark with an Elephant - posted October 2, 2000
    Explore how the graph of a function can look different, depending on how you set the domain and range of the graph window.

  2. The Hispaniola Water Shortage - posted October 16, 2000
    Using two measuring cups of a particular size, figure out how to measure out other quantities.

  3. Galactic Exchange - posted November 6, 2000
    Find the galactic exchange rate -- given the prices of certain items and some coin and change combinations, figure out the relation of each coin to the others.

  4. Marathon Graphing - posted December 18, 2000
    Predict the speed of marathon runners this year based on previous years' speeds.

  5. Scale 'n Pop - posted December 4, 2000
    Scale the size of a hot air balloon so you can make it fit through a narrow passage and hit a nail to pop it!

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