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January 2001 - May 2001

  1. Rumors - posted January 2, 2001
    What will the graph of a real-world situation (spreading a rumor) look like as compared to a controlled situation (only one person spreading a rumor)?

  2. Search and Rescue Paths - posted January 14, 2001
    Learn how to navigate a helicopter.

  3. Search and Rescue: Part II - posted January 29, 2001
    Figure out the ideal location of a helicopter base using information learning in pilot training school.

  4. Fish Farm I - posted March 5, 2001
    Students play with fish in three different ponds to explore equivalent ratios.

  5. Fish Farm II - posted March 19, 2001
    Students sample fish to determine the male-female ratio.

  6. Fractris - posted April 2, 2001
    Play with fractions in a Tetris-like environment.

  7. Mosaic - posted April 16, 2001
    Play with fractions in a Tetris-like mosaic environment.

  8. Marabyn - posted May 20, 2001
    Simulating relative speeds, graphing them, and using the distance formula to generalize.

  9. Polyrhythms - posted May 21, 2001
    Use music to learn about fractions, ratios, and lowest common multiples.

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