June 20 Session
  at Swarthmore College

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2014 EnCoMPASS Summer Institute

The EnCoMPASS Project is developing an online professional teaching community of mathematics educators focused on understanding and improving mathematical thinking through work with formative assessment rubrics and feedback to student problem solving. In this community, members extend their content knowledge for teaching and seek to become more effective at supporting the mathematical development of each student.

Our second Summer Institute was held August 4 - 8 in Philadelphia, PA.

Photo by Vivian Klotz

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[back row] Justin Lanier, Jeff Spoering, Chris Robinson, Andrew Stadel, Michael Pershan, Justin Aion, Arlene Smith
[front row] Mary Wren, Lois Burke, Lynn Palmer, Fawn Nguyen, Laurel Pollard, Lisa Henry, Natalie Perez, Peg Cagle, Erin Igo

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