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Are you a Math Explorer?

Do you like to use your mathematical imagination? Wonder about math all around you? Discover and invent new patterns? Here are some ways to share your ideas and learn about other students' and mathematicians' ideas!

Did you attend the Scholar Search Educational Forums at Northwestern University or the University of Washington? Click on the location to view the webpages from that conference.

PoW Problems of the Week

Drawing from the real world, our own math imaginations, or famous problems and puzzles, these bi-weekly challenges give you a chance to stretch your mind. Share your work with teachers, parents, Math Forum volunteers, and the world!

lightbulb Wonderama

We share pictures and stories that make us wonder. What do you notice and wonder? Share in the comments and submit your own images!

Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Science fair projects in chemistry, physics, or biology can be messy, smelly, unpredictable, even downright dangerous! This year, try a mathematical science fair project. These tips and ideas can get you started, and the most dangerous things you'll encounter are a geometry compass and some radical ideas.

tPoWs Technology Problems of the Week

How do aliens make change? Can you beat the balloon booth challenge? Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) are free problem-solving challenges complete with hints and answer checks so you can test yourself at many levels.

Doctor Math Ask Dr. Math Doctor Math

Mathematicians answer your questions... in ways that make you think! We're always looking for volunteer math doctors too!

Math Tools

Looking for math you can really get your hands on? Math Tools is a library of online interactive math tools that use technology such as Java, Flash, spreadsheets, dynamic geometry software, graphing calculators, and more! Users can search for the tools and also can save favorites, rate items, and read and participate in discussions linked to each resource.

K-12 Math Problems, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks

This page offers links to the Beat the Calculator archive of over 600 mental calculation tricks from the BEATCALC mailing list. Pages of Multiplication Tips and Divisibility Rules are also linked as well as Russian Math Olympiad problems and a variety of math puzzles including our popular Year Game!

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