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Welcome to the Math Forum's virtual booth!

The Math Forum is an online community all about math. I, Max, work there and love it because I get to talk to students and teachers about their math imagination all day long. In the video below I'll give a brief tour of the virtual booth!

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Here at our virtual booth there are two ways you can share your math imagination and begin an online conversations with me.

  1. Click here to visit our blog where we post videos, images, and stories that inspire our Math Imagination. Choose one that inspires you and leave a comment telling me what you notice or wonder about the video, image, or story. I'll write back to you today in the comments!
  2. Click here to see a sample of our Problems of the Week. Choose a problem you like. Then, send your ideas to me through our online system. I will write back to you and you can log back into the Math Forum later today to read my thoughts and questions for you! Note: If you don't already have a Math Forum login, you'll need to register here first.

To see more Math Forum resources for Math Explorers like yourself, visit http://mathforum.org/explorers/

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