Problems with a financial context often deal with percents, decimals and fractions – think of discounts and pricing at various stores. In today’s economy, savvy shoppers are always comparing the cost of and item with a given discount at a store or the cost of ordering it online and paying shipping. There are many problems and resources available to help students make sense of their purchasing options and that involve some great math.

Highlighted Problem: Which Coupon is better?

Cynthia wants to buy sheets at her favorite linen store, Bedrooms and Bathrooms. She has two different coupons she could use at this store. One is for $5.00 off and the other is for 20% off. She can only use one coupon for each purchase.

First she looks at sheets that cost $50.00.

Then she looks at sheets that cost $20.

Student sometimes struggle to move between fraction, decimals and percent, Dr. Math has some good tips and explanations for Converting Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.

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