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  Selected Internet Geometry Sites

Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics and Graphics (GANG) - Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
An interdisciplinary Differential Geometry research team. The GANG Geometry Archive is an on-line library of papers, preprints, images, animations and ... more>>
Corner for Interactive Geometry Software (CIGS) - The Math Forum
The main Math Forum page for resources devoted to the support of teaching with geometry software, especially dynamic, interactive software such as ... more>>
Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry - The Geometry Center
Twelve interactive online geometry programs: WebPisces (compute implicitly defined curves in the plane); Build a Rainbow (a lab that examines a ... more>>
Geometry In Action - David Eppstein, Theory Group, ICS, UC Irvine
A collection of applications of computational geometry: areas in which ideas from discrete and computational geometry (meaning mainly low-dimensional ... more>>
JAVA Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry - The Geometry Center
Applets illustrating geometry concepts. WebEQ, Hyperbolic Triangles, Lorenz Simulation, One-Dimensional Iteration, Tetris, Leap Fractal, Fractals from ... more>>
Journal Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie/Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
A yearly journal founded in 1971 on the occasion of the 65th birthday of O.-H. Keller. It publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, ... more>>
Mathematical Visualization - David Banks, ICASE
Interacting With Surfaces in 4D Illustrations of: Torus Rotating in R4; Steiner Surface showing triple point; Crosscap; Striped Crosscap; Double ... more>>
A New Polyhedral Surface - Davide P. Cervone; The Geometry Center
Main entry point for pages that describe the recently discovered tight polyhedral immersion of the surface of Euler characteristic -1 into three-space ... more>>
Pavilion of Polyhedreality - George W. Hart
A page of images of polyhedra from the author of Multidimensional Analysis and the Encyclopedia of Polyhedra. Constructions from wood, paper, paper ... more>>
Polyhedral Solids - Tom Gettys
The study of polyhedra is one of those special areas of Mathematics which allow the amateur and expert to work with an equal delight. The Platonic ... more>>
Project List - Thomas Banchoff
Projects: a remake of The Flat Torus in the Three-Sphere, a film originally created in 1968; "Complex Function Graphs"; self-linking of curves on the ... more>>
Scientific Graphics Project - MSRI - David Hoffman; Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
A geometry catalogue of Minimal Surfaces (The Gauss Map, The Weierstrass Formula, Conformal Mapping, Stereographic Projection, and an extensive ... more>>
Synergetics on the Web - Kirby Urner, 4D Solutions
R. Buckminster Fuller's "explorations in the geometry of thinking" is detailed in two thick volumes, Synergetics and Synergetics 2. Synergetics ... more>>

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