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Lesson Plans: Geometry

This list contains some of the best geometry lesson plans or materials on which to base them. For a more exhaustive list, or to find materials that fit your specific needs, search or browse Geometry or Lesson Plans in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

3-D Drawing and Geometry - Cathi Sanders
A Math Forum Summer 1998 Institute project that uses examples of paintings, architecture, etc. to analyze different types of 3-D drawings, and teaches ... more>>
Building an Icosahedron as a Class Project - Frederick J. Wicklin
A Teacher's Guide. This document describes how to build an icosahedron as a class project. The size is up to you. Step-by-step instructions are ... more>>
Chameleon Graphing: The Coordinate Plane - Ursula Whitcher
A Web unit that introduces the coordinate plane, for elementary and middle school students. With the help of Sam the Chameleon, learn to find points ... more>>
Classification of Patterns - Brown-Herbst, Donnelly, Stratton, Anderson-Nielsen; The Geometry Center
Materials about symmetry and classification of repeating patterns for students in grades 7-10 using wallpaper patterns, to be used as either an ... more>>
Concurrency Points in a Triangle - Brakalova, Johnson, Scalzitti, Thornberry; The Geometry Center
An interactive Web-based exploration designed to facilitate the teaching of triangle concurrency, both as an integral part of a geometry curriculum ... more>>
Crystals: Crystallography & Systems - Suzanne Alejandre
A Math Forum Web Unit. Students studying polyhedra enjoy seeing the structures as they occur in the real world. Crystalline structures can be ... more>>
Designs with Circles - Suzanne Alejandre
A Math Forum Web Unit. Includes some background on circles in Islamic cultures, and an activity exploring the geometry involved in some circle ... more>>
Dominoes Activity - Suzanne Alejandre
A classroom activity (similar to Pentomino + 1 = Hexomino; a variation on polyominoes) aligned to the NCTM and California Standards, to be explored ... more>>
Dueling Pinwheels - A Geometer's Sketchpad Activity - Cynthia Lanius
Construction directions for rotations, translation, and reflection, with questions to explore and a demonstration sketch to ... more>>
EggMath - Bradlow, Sullivan, Levy, UIUC
A collection of modules (including many interactive applets) for K12 classrooms, based on the theme of eggs. Topics include: the shape of an egg ... more>>
Euclid's Geometry: History and Practice - Alex Pearson, The Episcopal Academy, Merion, Pennsylvania
A series of interdisciplinary lessons on Euclid's Elements, researched and written by a Classicist and hosted by the Math Forum. The material is ... more>>
Ferris Wheel - Jim King, University of Washington
Physical devices can be modeled using dynamic geometry. A vital tool for moving objects around in the model are the isometries, or distance-preserving ... more>>
Folding Shapes: Are the Sides the Same? - Janna Moore
Folding Shapes gives students practice in identifying typical shapes (circles, squares, triangles, etc.), in the process of teaching about lines of ... more>>
Geometric Factoring - Suzanne Alejandre
A Math Forum Web Unit. Understanding factoring through geometry: students work cooperatively to display a numeral as the area of a rectangle, and make ... more>>
Introduction to Geometry for Primary Students - Varnelle Moore
A Web unit designed to introduce young children (K-2) to beginning concepts in geometry: describing shapes, making patterns, building shapes, ... more>>
Magic Squares: Math, History, Geography - Suzanne Alejandre
Designed primarily for middle school and older elementary school students, this Math Forum Web unit includes classroom activities for four different ... more>>
Mathematics of Cartography - Cynthia Lanius
A map is a set of points, lines, and areas all defined both by position with reference to a coordinate system and by non-spatial attributes. These ... more>>
No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In - Cynthia Lanius
Students explore geometric models of fractions and discover relations among them, reinforcing their knowledge of fractions by using online pattern ... more>>
PlaneMath - InfoUse, in cooperation with NASA
Materials for elementary school students about math and aeronautics, designed to stimulate and motivate students with physical disabilities in grades ... more>>
Polyhedra in the Classroom - Suzanne Alejandre
Middle School student activities to pursue with a computer in the classroom. Introduction to Polyhedra; paper nets to print out and fold; Kaleidotile; ... more>>
Rectangle Pattern Challenges - Cynthia Lanius
Examine different stges of rectangle patterns, and describe what you must do to get from one to the next. Observe the designs looking for patterns. ... more>>
River Crossing (Math Exploration Quilt) - Rik Littlefield; Hanford School
You want to cross a river to reach a point exactly opposite where you are currently standing. Explore this problem step-by-step, encountering the ... more>>
Studying Polyhedra - Suzanne Alejandre
What is a polyhedron? A definition and a Java applet to help in exploring the five regular polyhedra to find how many faces and vertices each has, and ... more>>
Tangrams - Tom Scavo
Tangrams, a puzzle that helps develop spatial-visualization skills, may also be used to introduce or reinforce geometric concepts such as congruence, ... more>>
Tessellation Tutorials - Suzanne Alejandre
A series of tutorials that teach students how to tessellate (somewhat in the style of the art of M.C. Escher) using HyperCard for black and white ... more>>

For more, search or browse Geometry or Lesson Plans in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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