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Author: Carol Bier
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Symmetry & Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
Organized by The Textile Museum

Curator: Carol Bier, The Textile Museum
Advisory Panel: Diane E. Proctor, The Calvert School, Baltimore
David Williamson Shaffer, The Media Laboratory, MIT
Amira El-Zein, Georgetown University
Thomas Dixon Cook, Northwestern University

THE TEXTILE MUSEUM is devoted to furthering an understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts.

We acknowledge the National Endowment for the Arts, and Sotheby's, for support of this exhibition, which was on view from 4 October 1996 - 23 February 1997.

For conversion to a web site, The Textile Museum is grateful for in-kind support from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Computer Services Department; Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Academic Computing; McCarriar Graphics, and Rug News. The rug knot drawings by Milton Sonday are reproduced with permission. We also thank the lenders and private collections, acknowledged individually in the Rug Gallery.

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On 14 July, 1998, this exhibit appeared in The Scout Report.
In October 1998, this exhibit received an award from Knot A Braid of Links, a "cool math site of the week" service offered by the Canadian Mathematical Society.
In April 2001, this exhibit received an Academic Excellence Award from StudyWeb.
In May 2001, this exhibit received approval for inclusion on the National Grid for Learning (NGfL) and its Virtual Teachers Centre. lists this site as "Web's Best Site" under the encyclopedia categories of "Symmetry" and "Patterns" and "Oriental carpets."
PBS lists this site as a recommended link for "Geometry & Shapes."
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Education World highlighted this resource as a "Great Site for Teaching about Math."
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Good Housekeeping selected "Symmetry and Pattern" as its Site of the Day in the DailyInbox of 29 November, 2002.
MathNEXUS selected "Symmetry and Pattern" as its Website of the Week 7 October, 2007.

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