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antisymmetry symmetry with a property reversal
asymmetry absence of symmetry
axis visible or implied line of symmetry
border pattern linear pattern
dissymmetry slightly flawed symmetry
field pattern pattern that covers a plane
fundamental region smallest asymmetrical unit required to explain a pattern
glide reflection rigid motion reflected along a line
grid visible or implied series of points or intersections of axes
pattern arrangement of parts that consists of an organized system based upon repetition
reflection rigid motion across a line (axis)
rigid motion mathematical transformation whereby size and shape remain the same while placement and orientation may change around a point, or along or across a line
rotation rigid motion around a point
symmetry fundamental organizing principle in nature and art
symmetry-breaking absence of expected symmetry
symmetry operation rigid motion that enables the transformation of a unit
tessellation pattern formed by a single shape that when repeated covers the plane with no gaps and no overlaps
translation rigid motion along a line

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