Brendan Coyle - Junior, Animation major

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Materials and Process

  • Digital imaging
  • 3ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  1. I created the vine-like cable with a spline.
  2. Poly-modeled the little computer monitors.
  3. Rendered and arranged using Adobe Photoshop.

Artist's Narrative

Working with ideas of our relationships with computers I created this border of cables with connected monitors to capture whatever content might be placed inside.

Teacher's Comment

The vine-like cable serves as an allusion to an arabesque, a denaturalized floral form that is central to many visual traditions in Islamic art. Although this practicum utilizes advanced digital technologies to create a border pattern, the repetition is nonetheless constrained by the same laws of symmetry that govern nature and more traditional arts. On the left, the linear form of the vine with its computers and tendrils is reflected across a horizontal axis. In the construction to the upper right, the same vine-like form is repeated several more times to create an effective "corner" solution in making the transition from vertical to a horizontal orientation.

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