Brendan Coyle - Junior, Animation major

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Materials and Process

  • Digital imaging
  • Adobe Photoshop
  1. Working with individual pixels, I made a small gradient that was repeated on four sides of a square.
  2. This image was then repeated to fill in the whole space.

Artist's Narrative

Reminiscing of the old Windows OS desktop backgrounds and their use of pattern I created my own.

Teacher's Comment

This simple pattern is a tessellation; it is formed by a single shape that is repeated to cover the plane with no gaps and no overlaps. In this instance, color alternation defines the pattern. While this method of patterning is familiar in Islamic art, this particular form is more familiar as a "hound's tooth" textile pattern used for suiting materials in northern Europe. In a woven textile, using yarns of suitable diameter, it is simply created by weaving a twill.

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