Isma'il Rashada - Junior, Graphic Design major

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Materials and Process

  • Computer with monitor
  • Digital imaging
  • Adobe Illustrator cs
  1. Starting with a single design unit, I duplicated the unit and systematically changed the color to create an interesting pattern.

Artist's Narrative

I developed my pattern using Adobe Illustrator again. My initial mode of thinking in creating the design unit lay in trying to create something that would be a unique logo. Oddly enough when I was designing this, I was thinking about something I would not mind wearing on a uniform if I were a super hero. I have just recently over the last few years been intrigued by symbols or designs that have nice fluid curves and then in the midst of it, hard geometric curves. Originally I was a fan of designs that had a calligraphic feel to them but after seeing what can accomplished when you blend those two design elements, I became enthralled with new possibilities.

Teacher's Comment

Without a border, this pattern could seemingly go on forever. Does the use of color change the symmetry? Is there an algorithmic use of color, or is color change random? The seeming randomness catches the eye; this is a technique also used by Islamic craftsmen. The apparent lack of symmetry engages the viewer, capturing our attention and forcing a closer look.

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