Jennifer Bagheri - Junior, Graphic Design major

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Materials and Process

  • photocopy of existing found pattern
  • red pen
  • graphite stick
  1. I created a grid using a red pen and ruler. I did so intuitively rather than mathematically.
  2. I began dissecting each square with a diagonal line alternating from vertical to horizontal dissections.
  3. Then I drew smaller circles in every other square.
  4. Then I colored in every other half square with graphite.
  5. I left a portion of the pattern unfinished.

Artist's Narrative

By leaving a portion of the pattern unfinished, I wanted to allow the existing pattern and grids underneath stand as a conscious part of the progress of the pattern. I was inspired by small jewelry boxes and Arabic script that is called Kufic, which is very angular. I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of my intuitive pattern on top of an existing pattern and see how the variety of materials, shapes and color unify the different aesthetics and materials. I was also interested in the interaction between the organic floral pattern in the background overlaid with slab-like geometric shapes.

Teacher's Comment

This practicum combines figural and geometric designs. It plays with various attributes of pattern, such as color (red, black), form (squares, triangles, ovals, flowers), and scale. There is a playfulness with pattern, but with extensive use of symmetry-breaking that challenges the eye to follow and make sense of what is happening. The repetition, which is locally regular, and emphasized by the light/dark interchange, shifts quickly without ever establishing an overall pattern.

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