Jennifer Bagheri - Junior, Graphic Design major

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Materials and Process

  • graphite
  • compass
  • red pen
  1. I drew a circle with a compass.
  2. Then I followed that circle with another circle beginning exactly in half of the first.
  3. Then, continuing in halves throughout the page until a star-like, flower pattern was created.

Artist's Narrative

I was inspired by the numerous amounts of small circles that I have been habitually drawing in one form or another in my sketch books and notes. While creating the grid/pattern I thought a lot about solar systems and flowers, but the pattern doesn't necessarily represent anything except infinity, for me.

Teacher's Comment

This practicum presents very basic play with a compass or dividers, used to create intersecting circles, which is a key to understanding Islamic art. Highlighting particular points of intersection that are not symmetrical, an improvisational pattern is established on graph paper, again forcing the eye to move in different directions in an attempt to understand. The concentration that is involved in viewing such work often leads to contemplation; the process of playing with a compass in this manner is often meditative and relaxing, once the initial level of frustration is overcome.

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