Maddy Gray - Sophomore, Photography major

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Materials and Process

  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Permanent markers
  • Ruler
  1. To create an infinite pattern that is arbitrarily cut off by a border, I drew a rectangle in the center of the paper to define the area where the pattern would exist.
  2. Then I drew diagonal lines across the entire area starting in the center with a one inch diamond then alternating outward with 1/2 inch sections and 1 inch sections.
  3. Using a compass I drew oblong shapes in the centers of all of the larger diamonds and colored those shapes red.
  4. Then I drew smaller sizes of the same shapes. By coloring the smaller shapes brown and pink along the diagonal, I worked to create a subtle movement from corner to corner.

Artist's Narrative

When looking at different Islamic patterns I have found that I am often most interested in the ones that have a diagonal movement. I think that since many times the surface on which the pattern is applied is strongly horizontal or vertical such as a building or a rug, I find it more interesting when the pattern itself works to break this static feeling. For this pattern I chose to use permanent marker because it would give me bold, dynamic color. I think that the red really attracts the eye and adds to the movement of the pattern. When I looked at this pattern after I was finished I began to think of twisted wind chimes that were twirling around.

Teacher's Comment

The linearity of an approximately square grid set on the diagonal underlies this pattern. Although the large and small pointed ovals are displayed in vertical alignment, they are offset because of the diagonal orientation of the grid. The color alternation of the smaller ovals emphasizes the underlying diagonal orientation.

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