Marie Cobb - Sophomore, General Sculptural Studies major

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Materials and Process

  • Rope
  1. Knot-tying

Artist's Narrative

As a General Sculptural Studies major, I am interested in three-dimensional form and public art. I enjoy learning new skills such as welding, metal-casting, and wood-working techniques. My recent work in a collaborative community-based project involved knot-tying, which fit neatly with the practicum assignment. These are a series of double coin knots which form the basic unit of a hexagon that can be infinitely repeated.

Teacher's Comment

Our eyes may be more accustomed to virtual interlacing in art, but this practicum demonstrates real interlacing that is not an illusion. The sequence of over-under throws off the symmetry, just as it does with illusionary interlace.

Real interlacing is the basis for many textile technologies. It is used to produce the functionality of nets, traps, and cages. In pre-Islamic arts of the eastern Mediterranean world, and in many traditional cultures, the representation of interlacing was thought to ensnare evil spirits that might otherwise cause harm.

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