Rebecca Di Meo - Sophomore, General Fine Art major

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Materials and Process

  • My fingertips (as a stamp)
  • Charcoal
  • Paper
  1. First, I rubbed my fingertips with charcoal.
  2. Then I tapped the paper with my fingers as if I were playing Fredrick Kuhlau's Sonatina No. 36 on the piano.

Artist's Narrative

With charcoal on my fingertips, I was able to create the visual of a piece of music as a self contained pattern by translating the placement and touch of my own fingers on a keyboard, relative to the music.

Teacher's Comment

This illustrates an interesting conceptual approach to the practicum assignment. Bach's fugues rely upon symmetries of tone; Hindemith's Ludis Tonalis relies upon symmetries of graphic notation of music. Handel's Waterworks and Fireworks also contain many musical symmetries through repetition and ascending and descending scales.

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