Sarah Hanson - Sophomore, Ceramics major

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Materials and Process

  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Compass

Drawn with a compass, then coloring in shapes

Artist's Narrative

For this practicum, I wanted to construct an infinitely repeating pattern with a compass. But as I was drawing circles, I enjoyed the randomness and lack of symmetry and precision in where they were drawn in relation to each other. So I decided to work more intuitively rather than according to a regimented plan. I used a similar approach with the coloring, only I kept it a bit more formal. I tried to keep close forms the same colors and attempted to create a "semi-" pattern. There is no real meaning behind this piece, it's merely a practice.

Teacher's Comment

Centers of the intersecting circles create a triangular grid. Playfulness may be seen in the arbitrary placement of the rectangular form. Color is used to highlight particular geometric shapes present in the pattern as established by the cirlces, but it is also used as a filler for selected shapes, both with and without symmetrical placement. Thus the use of color contributes to a sense of contrast between the arbitrary and the random presence of form.

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