4. Greek scholars of Euclid

Between Euclid's time and the time of the decline of the Western Roman Empire there were many scholars who wrote studies, called commentaries, of Euclid's Elements. The Athenian philosopher and mathematician Proclus (410-485) writes: "Before making a beginning with the investigation of details, I warn those who may read me not to expect from me the things which have been dinned into our ears ad nauseam by those who have preceded me... For I am surfeited with these things and shall give little attention to them." (Heath, The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements, 19)

Here is a partial list. Note names, places and dates.

Heron of Alexandria: 3rd c. A.D.? Called mechanicus, "the mechanic," because of his inventions. Among other works he wrote a book called the Pneumatica, concerning the "construction of devices worked by compressed air, steam, and water." (Oxford Classical Dictionary, 509)

Pappus: around 284-305 A.D. Roman.

Simplicius: around 500 A.D. Roman.

Proclus: 410-485: Athenian philosopher and mathematician