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Setting Up Helper Applications in Mac Mosaic

There are several steps to defining a helper application in Mac Mosaic. We'll look at how to set up Sketchpad as a helper app.

First, select "Preferences" from the Options menu.

Now we need to define the document type. On the right side of the window, click on "Add document type". Enter "application/x-gsp" and hit return.

Now we'll add the extension type, so that Mosaic will know which files with which to use this helper application. On the left side of the window, click on "Add Extension". Type "gsp" in the left side, and then choose "application/x-gsp" from the MIME-type popup menu on the right. Hit return or click "okay".

Now we'll tell Mosaic which application to use when it encounters this MIME type. Select "application/x-gsp..." from the right hand window (it's probably at the bottom). Click on "Set Application...". Find your copy of Sketchpad or the demo through the dialog box. WARNING: You'll need to enter the file type of Sketchpad. It is GSPk, and case is important. You can deselect "Ask User for Filename", and click "okay".

You'll have to restart Mosaic for these changes to take effect.

Basically, for any application you want to add, you need to know its MIME type, standard extension, and file type. Then you can install them as described above.

Geometer's Sketchpad Settings

                Mime type       SubType     Extension     File Code

(for sketches)  application     x-gsp       gsp           GSPk
(for scripts)   application     x-gss       gss           GSPc

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