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Q: Where can I get help with a math question?
A: Have you heard about Ask Dr. Math, the Forum's question and answer service for K-12 math students and their teachers? We have a searchable archive of questions and answers, plus a form for submitting questions, at:

If you submit a question to the Doctor, give as much information as possible about the trouble you're having - show the work you've already done, and ask specific questions about whatever it is you don't understand.

Q: Where can I find a math formula or definition?
A:Try the Dr. Math FAQ for formulas:

... or Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, formerly Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics:

Q: Where can I get advice on - math or math ed topic - ?
A:Have you heard about the Forum's Teacher2Teacher service? Our panel of teaching professionals is available to answer your questions about teaching mathematics or how your children are learning math:

To reach a broad audience, post a message on relevant mailing lists and newsgroups. Here's a list of discussions hosted and/or recommended by the Forum:

Q: Where can I find web pages on - math or math ed topic - ?
A:Visit the Internet Math Library, an annotated catalog of mathematics and mathematics education web sites. The Library features a description of each entry, hierarchical categories for browsing, a searcher on each browse page, and selected sites for each category's starting points:

Alternately, conducting a search remains a good way to find specific resources on the Internet. We encourage you to go to the following Forum searcher and enter keywords pertaining to the topic you want to find:

Q: Will you list my URL on your site?
A: You're quite welcome to suggest URLs to us, as long as they relate to math or math education. Please fill out this online form:

Q: May I link to your site?
A: Sure - go right ahead! Please give us proper attribution and state clearly that this is a Forum resource, and not something of your own creation. If you'd like to have us make a reciprocal link, fill out the Web form mentioned above.

Q: May I have permission to reproduce your content?
A: You may reproduce a Math Forum web page for private or classroom use. Please give us proper attribution and state clearly that this is a Forum resource, and not something of your own creation. You may not publish the reproduction on a public website or for commercial purposes without our explicit permission.

For commercial reproductions, please complete and submit our permission form:

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