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February 1996

Solutions should consist of three things: what you found, the URL where you found it, and how you found that page. (For help with the format of the answer, see the Sample Solution page.)

  1. What German mathematician died on Valentine's Day? For what is he particularly known?

  2. Who publishes MathCad? What is it?

  3. What geometer was born in Turkey? What words did he introduce into the language of mathematics?

  4. Where can I find a picture of a cylindrical slide rule?

  5. Who said "Ubi materia, ibi geometria"? What does it mean?

  6. According to Lewis Carroll, what are the four branches

    of arithmetic?

  7. How many books are there in Euclid's Elements?

  8. What is the California Math Show?

  9. Who is H.S.M. Coxeter?

  10. What is the Fields Medal?

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