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January 1996

Solutions should consist of three things: what you found, the URL where you found it, and how you found that page. (For help with the format of the answer, see the Sample Solution page.)

  1. What is "NonEuclid"?

  2. Eric Temple Bell has been quoted saying something about cowboys and geometry. What's the quote? (No, it has nothing to do with the Super Bowl.)

  3. A famous mathematician was born on the 27th of January. Who is he, and for what is he really famous?

  4. What is "Beitraege zue Algebra und Geometrie"?

  5. John Conway is a mathematician and professor at Princeton University. What game did he invent? What are the rules? (What's his email address?)

  6. What was "Fermat Fest"?

  7. Internet Life Magazine recently ran a feature on really cool and useful web sites. What were the top two math sites?

  8. When is Math Awareness Week this year?

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