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On to the Hunt!

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This hunt was created by Asher Walkover of Woodmere, NY. Asher is 17 and is in 12th grade.

  1. What is the 'Cretan Paradox'? Who is credited with having stated it?
  2. What was the name of the wife of Pythagoras?
  3. At what University was MathCamp (Canada/USA) held in the summer of 1999?
  4. What is the etymology of the word 'Algorithm'?
  5. What was the first name of mathematician Mersenne, after whom Mersenne primes were named?
  6. According to the system of naming polygons put forth by Professors John Conway and Antreas Hatzipolakis, how many sides does a tetracontakaienneagon have?
  7. What mathematical error can be found in the first paragraph of O Henry's Gift of the Magi?
  8. Professor Andrew Wiles has recently proved a famous theorem. What is that theorem known as?

Sample Solutions

Solutions should consist of three things: what you found, the URL where you found it, and how you found that page. It should look something like this:

Q. What can you find about the software program QuasiTiler?


  1. QuasiTiler draws Penrose tilings and their generalizations. It is a program that is available from the Geometry Center.


  3. I searched the Math Forum Web site for quasitiler, and it returned a link to the Gallery of Interactive Geometry (the URL is, and a link for QuasiTiler was the first thing on that page.

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