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September 1995

Ths is an introductory hunt, and is designed to help you gain familiarity with the Math Forum's Web site and its search utility, as well as with resources you might use in future hunts. All questions are rated "Novice".

Solutions should consist of three things: what you found, the URL where you found it, and how you found that page. (For help with the format of the answer, see the Sample Solution page.)

  1. In what town is the Geometry Center located, and what is it?

  2. Annie Fetter, the person who runs several of the student projects at the Math Forum, has pictures of her cats on her home page. What are their names?

  3. Name four members of the Swat Team, which staffs the Dr. Math project, who have home pages.

  4. What school runs the Great Penny Toss? (Extra: where is the school located?)

  5. There is a History of Mathematics site somewhere in the United Kingdom. What university hosts it, and where in the UK is it exactly?

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