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The Bridges of Konigsberg
· Euler's Solution
· Solution, problem 1
· Solution, problem 2
· Solution, problem 4
· Solution, problem 5

The Value of Pi
· A Chronological Table of Values
· Squaring the Circle

Prime Numbers
· Finding Prime Numbers

Famous Paradoxes
· Zeno's Paradox
· Cantor's Infinities
· Cantor's Infinities, Page 2

The Problem of Points
· Pascal's Generalization
· Summary and Problems
· Solution, Problem 1
· Solution, Problem 2

Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem

Proof that e is Irrational

Book Reviews



Other Math History Sites

Women Mathematicians ( - Offers brief biographies of many women mathematicians, arranged alphabetically or chronologically. Provides refrences, some links. Tends to focus on life stories as opposed to famous problems. Accessible to everyone - check it out!

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive ( - An extensive network of bibliographies and descriptions of great problems - perhaps the most comprehensive math history site on the Web.

History of Mathematics Homepage ( - A great reference site, by David Joyce. Organized by subject, timeline, chronology, and region (you choose), this site will give you the web addresses of sites on a given subject or mathematician, as well as a bibliography of books on the subject/person.

A Modern History of Blacks in Mathematics
( - Based at SUNY Buffalo, this site provides a brief chronology of the 20th century efforts of black mathematicians, with links to profiles of most of the mathematicians mentioned. One can also go directly to a list of the mathematicians profiled. The site includes a link to a page that relates the history of mathematics in ancient Africa.

Prime Numbers

Ivars Peterson's MathLand - 'Prime Gaps'

MacTutor History Topics: Prime Numbers

The First 10,000 Primes

Java Applet that Generates Primes

Spiral of Primes

Java Applet and More on: Prime Number Theorem, Goldbach Conjecture, Twin Primes, etc.


Pascal's Triangle, Combinatorics, and other Probability Problems in the Dr. Math Archives

Dr. Math FAQ: Monty Hall Problem


Historical remarks: Irrationality of e and Liouville - posted by Dave L. Renfro to the sci.math newsgroup on 22 July, 2005

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