Critical Thinking Puzzles

By Michael DiSpezio

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This book contains enough tough puzzles to test your mental powers for hours and hours. When we think critically we become better learners. We don't just accept facts, we explore them, uncovering connections and identifying the often hidden cause-and-effect relationships.

Try this intriguing array of puzzles, challenges, funky facts, things to build, weird riddles, and other brain teasers. Some are old favorites that never fail to stump, others are totally new, but all promise hours of fun. Every one can be completed with a pencil, pen, or some inexpensive materials around the house, so hold on to your hat and see if you can think your way through these critical thinking conundrums!

A few sample puzzles are available for your enjoyment:

More information is available about how you may obtain a copy of this book.

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