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Topic: math-statistics proof that Homosexuality is caused by metal poisoning
#-9 book: Metal Causing Diseases

Replies: 10   Last Post: Apr 20, 2013 3:51 AM

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math-statistics proof that Homosexuality is caused by metal poisoning
#-9 book: Metal Causing Diseases

Posted: Apr 17, 2013 2:43 AM
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On Apr 17, 1:20 am, Archimedes Plutonium
<> wrote:
> Is Homosexuality a metal poisoning disease? Chapt1 my history of metal
> causing diseases
>  #-8 book: Metal Causing Diseases (Autism, Schizophrenia, Depression,
> Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Prion)
> By August of 2001, I was not yet fully in tune with the idea that
> these diseases were 100% caused by metal poisons of the environment.
> Then by 2002 I was fully in tune with the idea that these diseases
> were caused by metals alone, and that genetics had no significant
> role, such as lead poisoning or mercury poisoning, and that these
> diseases were caused by the Industrial Revolution that unleashed
> torrents of harmful chemicals and metals into our daily environment.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
> Subject:
>               research news on Alzheimers and Prion
>          Date:
>               Wed, 01 Aug 2001 04:24:04 -0500
>         From:
>               Archimedes Plutonium (>
>  Organization:
>               whole entire Universe is just one big atom
>   Newsgroups:
>     ,
> --- quoting in parts SCIENCE NEWS, 30JUN01, page 406 ---
> In the presence of copper atoms in the brain, beta-amyloid
> can act as an enzyme that generates free radicals in the form of
> hydrogen peroxide. When concentrations of free radicals soar,
> zinc in the brain interacts with beta-amyloid and plaques result.
> .....
> The copper then can catalyze the formation of more free
> radicals. Bush's team reports in the June NEURON. When
> this happens, the initially protective plaques do in fact become
> part of the problem...
> --- end quoting in parts SCIENCE NEWS, 30JUN01 ---
> I want to mention several points of fact. That prion disease, much
> like Alzheimers is a disease of plaque buildup. And prion disease
> is connected with copper and zinc and other metals.
> One aspect of Prion disease is its multitude of variants. And it
> is this multi-variance that destroys the Prusiner protein only
> theory.
> But I am not quite sure if Alzheimers also has multi-variations
> as does prion disease.
> Apparently metals are involved in a critical way in both
> Prion and Alzheimers.
> And although the above quote hints of a means of generating
> more plaque, a better generator would be that of a virus
> or bacteria or fungus. A microbial organism would also
> offer the best explanation for the multitude of variants in
> Prion disease. Does Alzheimers disease come in variants
> and has anyone researched the differences or similarities
> between the Prion variants and the Alzheimers variants.
> Such a study focused on variants in the two diseases
> may yield clues as to the generators of both diseases.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
> It is now February of 2002 and here is where I enter a pure metal
> causing mechanism of these diseases. So that by February of 2002, I
> started looking at these diseases as metal poisoning from the
> environment, no different than if you had been smitten by lead
> poisoning or mercury poisoning, or asbestos poisoning provided that
> asbestos is a metal for it is not a metal in reality, and coming from
> the environment. Now it is extremely difficult for scientists to
> separate whether a disease is environment or genetic when a family
> contracts the disease because all family members are likely to be
> exposed to the metal poisoning, if it is in the air or in the food or
> in contact by members of the family. Recently on the BBC was a nasty
> report of lead poisoning of many of the infants of a small Nigeria
> Africa village where their fathers were coated in lead from gold
> mining and brought the lead home in their clothing coated from the
> dust and dirt. So here we see how geneticists would be terribly
> mistaken to think because families get the disease that it is genetic.
> So that because several family members get the disease, the adherents
> of genetics will bark that it is genetic, but it could just as easily
> be 100% environment.
> Now, one thing working against these 6 diseases being genetic diseases
> is that often the parents do not have the disease but just the
> offspring. For example, nearly 100% of the cases of Autism are from a
> mother and father that do not have autism. So if autism were really
> genetic disease, we would think that the parents should have the
> disease, such as sickle cell disease must come from parents who have
> the disease.
> I am going to interrupt this post, for at this very moment, I think I
> have a 7th disease to add to the list of diseases-- homosexuality as a
> metal poisoning disease. Now I am going to be cautious in adding
> homosexuality and by that I mean I need to dig up some facts and
> statistics of homosexuality. After writing the above, I realized that
> if you have a metal poisoning while in the womb, such as mercury, that
> it is not genetics that cause homosexuality, but rather, a specific
> quantity of mercury in the womb that alters the brain for sexual
> orientation. Now autistic children can catch the disease after birth,
> especially males since their brains mature about 2 years slower than
> the female brain and so that if a critical quantity of mercury or
> cadmium or some other dangerous metal enters their bodies, they
> succumb. Now can we say that autism behaviour is sort of like
> homosexuality? Are there 4 or 5 times as many boys homosexual as
> girls, for in Autism, boys are 4 or 5 times more likely to be
> Autistic, as a gender preference of the disease.
> Are autistic people more inclined to homosexuality?
> I need to write a separate chapter that Homosexuality is likely to be
> caused by a metal poisoning, and is not a genetic disease. It can
> happen in the womb and comes earlier than Autism. It can happen in
> infancy as does Autism, say when a tuna fish sandwich laden with too
> much mercury is injested, or living near by, or down wind of a coal
> electricity station spewing out mercury.
> Now I have to check up on the statistics of whether Homosexuality is
> on the rise or not on the rise, for that Autism surely is on the rise
> since of last report there are 1 in 50 infants with Autism when a few
> years back it was 1 in 110.
> Now one fact that lends credence to the idea of homosexuality being a
> metal poisoning is that many animals display homosexual tendencies and
> homosexuality has no evolutionary benefit, but rather is contradictory
> to evolution theory. So that homosexuality as a metal poisoning
> disease along with Autism and Alzheimers makes a lot more sense.

Now the Arizona State University research that found the severity of
Autism coincides with the amount of cadmium and mercury inside the
bodies of Autistic children is a mathematical statistics proof that
Autism is caused by these two metal poisons. Our modern day
environment is saturated in mercury poison from all those coal fired
electric stations to the fish to the cigarette smoke to the
fluorescent lamps in our homes to the teeth fillings and to the
mercury laden vaccines. Probably every breathe we inhale today
contains some atoms of mercury. So it should not be any surprise to
anyone that the rates of reported Autism has gone from:

So we have this historical data:
1970s to 1990 the Autism frequency was 1 in 110
1990s to 2010 the Autism frequency was 1 in 88
2010 to present the Autism frequency was 1 in 50

But now, I want a Mathematical Statistical proof that Homosexuality is
caused by a metal poisoning such as mercury. The trouble here is that
the metal may just affect a fetus in the womb or a young child, affect
him or her in a moment in time to alter the sex preference and not be
measured in the same way as Arizona State University measured severity
of autism matched with concentrations of mercury and cadmium.

So I need a different Math-Statistic proof measure. What I propose is
to see if Autism is linked to Homosexuality. See if there is a
significant statistic that autistic children have a homosexual sex
preference. Or whether they have no sex preference. So that the metal
reverses the sex preference in making homosexuality, but keeps Autism
sex preference as neutral.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
> Subject:
>               CELL, 16NOV01 Re: possible mechanism for Alzheimers,
>               Prion, Parkinson, et al
>          Date:
>               Sun, 10 Feb 2002 16:40:32 -0600
>         From:
>               Archimedes Plutonium (>
>  Organization:
>               whole entire Universe is just one big atom
>   Newsgroups:
>     ,
> Thanks to Bob Bruner for telling me about these articles.
> --- quoting from CELL, 16NOV01 ---
> When the Message Goes Awry: Disease-Producing
> Mutations that Influence mRNA Content and Performance
> Up to 30% of mutant alleles that contribute to human
> disease harbor a premature signal for the termination
> of translation, either through nonsense or frameshift
> mutations. The most intuitive consequence of such mutations,
> which continues to be widely predicted, is the production
> of protein products truncated at the C-terminal end.
> --- end quoting from CELL ---
> My main interest in all of this is that I intuit that the diseases
> of Prion, Alzheimers, Parkinsons and many others are
> diseases wherein the body manufacturing site of proteins
> has *gone awry* and that the body accumulates these
> unwanted proteins and results in the disease.
> Whether it is purely a chemical mutation where no
> bacteria or virus is involved, or whether a microbe is
> involved is inconsequential. The disease pathology
> is that the body over-manufactures unwanted proteins
> that accumulate and cause the disease.
> Reading that article I was struck by the fact that *iron*
> in the body can lead to mutational disease. Called the
> L and H-ferritin transcripts.
> Some decades back it was guessed that Alzheimers maybe
> influenced by aluminum in the body. That guess has been
> debunked recently, but I am not so sure whether that debunking
> was premature. Does anyone know if Alzheimers is an
> Industrial Revolution disease that runs in tandem with the
> aluminum industry and the prevalence of aluminum in cooking?
> And also, with Prion disease, it is noted that the disease is in
> association with copper and other metal ions.
> Could it be that Prion, Alzheimers and Parkinsons are relatively
> modern diseases which have increased in frequency due to the
> increase in metal contamination of the environment? Whereas
> tobacco smoking can lead directly to lung cancer that Prion and
> Alzheimers and Parkinsons is our modern diseases due mainly
> to the increase in metal contaminants in the environment. That
> they facilitate the mutations of mRNA and lead to diseases
> of protein manufacture that accumulate in the body.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
> --
> Approximately 90 percent of AP's posts are missing in the Google
> newsgroups author search starting May 2012. They call it indexing; I
> call it censor discrimination. Whatever the case, what is needed now
> is for science newsgroups like sci.physics, sci.chem,,
> sci.geo.geology,, sci.paleontology, sci.astro,
> sci.physics.electromag to?be hosted by a University the same as what
> Drexel?University hosts sci.math as the Math Forum. Science needs to
> be in education?not in the hands of corporations chasing after the
> next dollar bill.

Only Drexel's Math Forum has done a excellent, simple and fair author-
archiving of AP sci.math posts since May 2012 as seen here :

Archimedes Plutonium
whole entire Universe is just one big atom
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