Date: Apr 4, 2017 9:25 AM
Author: bassam king karzeddin
Subject: Re: Unreal fiction numbers implies unreal fiction angles too

On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 3:27:57 PM UTC+3, Dan Christensen wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 4:26:14 AM UTC-4, bassam king karzeddin wrote:
> > On Monday, April 3, 2017 at 3:16:00 PM UTC+3, Dan Christensen wrote:
> > > On Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 7:18:04 AM UTC-4, bassam king karzeddin wrote:
> > > > The fiction numbers ...
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> > > FYI: A "fiction number" is just a number that BKK cannot count on his fingers and toes. There really is no such thing in mathematics.
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> > Dan wrote:
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> > > It seems that if BKK can't understand something, he assumes everyone who does understand it is stupid. I've got news for him...
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> > > Dan

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> > It seems that you are completely off topic, for sure
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> > To simplify it for you, just do one thing, try constructing exactly and only one integer angle, in (n) degrees, where (n) is integer degree angle, and (n) not divisible by (3), where the angle (pi = 180 degrees)
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> By "constructing", I take it you mean some kind ruler and compass construction as in ancient times. I'm not sure why you restrict your attention to angles that can be so constructed. Just playing the silly bugger is my guess.
> These days, we have the set of real numbers and a well defined arctan function to any required accuracy for any real numbered angles between +pi/2 and -pi/2 radians. See graph at:
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Yes Dan, the word CONSTRUCT is the key issue to understand fully and correctly any issue, since every thing existing is simply constructible, and the size of the ignorance and baseless illegal mathematics that had been built after Pythagoreans era mainly, is too huge and so unbelievable to make them arrive so easily at those fictitious or better say carpentry results you provided

And the time required to repair them would be so long I guess, and this would be mainly and eventually happen with new generations of clever students and certainly not necessarily by the current Professional mathematicians whom are so muddled with it

The many fictions established in mathematics is ranging from the wrong concept of real numbers, to imaginary numbers, to non Euclidean geometry, to calculus, to ..., many wrong understanding what is the mathematics and what is engineering, they had chosen the second path, which is not mathematics at all, but seems so for the ignorants for sure

So, what is approximations means, of course it is engineering problem with very little mathematics for applications

They also, illegally and without any rigorous proof assume the existence of continuity, which is impossible existence for sure

And since the best approximation finally does not EXIST, or qualify as the same rank as EXACTNESS

And to pretend that facts are at that fake Paradise is the only escape of not admitting the simplest truth of the deep meaning of the term non existing, exactly the same way you know the meaning of non existence solutions to some Diophantine equations

But mathematics is exactness and nothing else for sure

So, ask yourself, why some angles are easily and within few steps are constructible, but others makes you mad, and still you can not construct them, even if you pretend to make them at the Paradise of the Fools (infinity), because simply infinity is not there (does not exist) at least in mathematics and for sure again

So, how to correct the old inherited fiction mathematics is the better way to understand it, for sure

However, everything was well explained and also was proved in my old or recents posts, for sure

And I know that I gave you an impossible task, for sure

Bassam King Karzeddin
4th, March, 2017