Date: Sep 7, 2017 9:32 PM
Author: conway
Subject: Re: 0 = 1


You are starting to play fair. I AGREE that this idea needs a LOT of work. The fact that you are still here....suggest you know at some level "something" might here. Help me! Also I agree my logic can be "garbled". I am a philosopher. Not a mathematician. Mathematics...(indeed all the sciences) were born in philosophy. This idea makes sense. I think you see that. Until now you have refused to take it serious however because you "believe" that I have not done my homework (I have, just not the kind you like). Give me a serious....honest chance to explain this idea to you.

N = set

A = ANY number in the set

z1 = quantity of value (we can work on a more "formal" definition)

z2 = quantity of space (we can work on a more "formal" definition)

A = (z1+z2)

ANY binary expression of multiplication

z1 x z2
z2 x z1

3 x 2

z1 for 3 = 3
z2 for 3 = 3
z1 for 2 = 2
z2 for 2 = 2

3(as z1) x 2(as z2)
3(as z2) x 2(as z1)...

z1 for 1 = 1
z2 for 1 = 1

z1 for 0 = 0
z2 for 0 = 1

surely you can see there is nothing further to state using the "formal system" of axiom descriptions that you gave....other than to say the following...

For any number in N, there exist a z1 and z2 constituting that number......and so on....