Date: Sep 7, 2017 11:43 PM
Author: conway
Subject: Re: 0 = 1


N = Any set what-so-ever.

A = Any number what-so-ever.

z1 is not a number to be added
z2 is not a number to be added

so saying (z1 + z2 ) is inaccurate...(apologies)(no previous way to describe this)

z1(a value) is "placed" into z2(a space)

if A = 2

z1 of A = (1,1)
z2 of A = (_,_)

put z1 into z2, you then "create" a "number", then add the numbers in all the spaces.

This is EXACTLY what all ready happens in multiplication....!

2 x 3 means.......

2 in 3 spaces then add...

2 + 2 + 2

2 is a value, it is "placed" into three "spaces" creating numbers, then all numbers are added......

I mean no misdirection to students. I think you know this. Why would a student bother with this? There is no such thing as a "false" prophet of mathematics....only ideas....wrong or right.....

for all X in R there exists a unique z1, and z2, "IN X" such that any X in a binary operation of multiplication or division is only representing z1 and z2.(of the given numbers in the binary expression)

z1 and z2 for all X other than 0 equal X
z1 for 0 = 0
z2 for 0 = 1