Date: Sep 8, 2017 2:46 PM
Author: Peter Percival
Subject: Re: 0 = 1

conway wrote:
> Peter
> Why do you waste your time? You prove my point.....regarding 1 +
> (-1).....I never claimed they were anything else other than members
> of a set possessing the additive identity property.......I have only
> claimed that the elements of this set...that is the numbers in this
> expression... are composed of other are defiantly
> an adequate troll.........further post by you will be
> ignored....unless you begin to play nice.

Suit yourself, but in any case may I urge you to post to the newsgroup
using a news client and a news server? Both are available for free, and
it will make posts much easier to follow. Do you see how this post
appears as a reply to yours with your text quoted? Your posts float in
mid air with no connection to anything else.

Do, as a concession to my poor wits, Lord Darlington, just explain
to me what you really mean.
I think I had better not, Duchess. Nowadays to be intelligible is
to be found out. -- Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere's Fan