Date: Sep 29, 2017 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Irrefutable proofs that both Dedekind and Cauchy did not produce<br> any valid construction of the mythical "real" number

On September 29 2017, the genius known as John Gabriel wrote:
> Comments are unwelcome and will be ignored.
> Posted on this newsgroup in the interests of public education and to eradicate ignorance and stupidity from mainstream mythmatics.

You're not interested in educating anyone. Your objective is clear: you're desperately looking for attention. You're trolling people, posting crap and look like a crank, hoping someone will react.

You're starving for the same recognition and respect Euler and many other mathematicians have. Proof of what I say: you wanted to be nominated for the Abel prize few years ago. But we all know that this is not possible, and that you and your Few Calculus will be forgotten someday.

You definitely need help...