Date: Oct 3, 2017 2:57 AM
Author: bassam king karzeddin
Subject: Re: Is it really the greatest tragedy on earth with alleged top most<br> genious mathematicians?

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 7:10:32 PM UTC+3, bassam king karzeddin wrote:
> Is it really the greatest tragedy on earth when the vast majority of the alleged top most genius mathematicians are really BIG TROLLS who can't comprehend the most simple facts that had been discovered thousands of years back about the fact of the real numbers being only positive constructible numbers and nothing else for sure
> Just imagine the extreme density of the rational numbers alone that you can simply make, then adding the many orders of much more higher densities of existing constructible numbers (that are not rational numbers), by the proven square root and multi-square root operations, that do exist independently from any imaginable rationals, would yield a much higher density of real existing numbers (without any type of endless Approximations),
> Or is it the unlimited stupidity that had been imported from the unreal number described as infinity (in so many forms), despite it is absolute non-existence,
> Or is it the business for so many useless and so lazy people that they impose themselves badly as genius people on the societies they exploit badly for harming them, wonder!
> They keep making fiction numbers constantly, where the whole universe can't contain only one of their endless numbers, nor can they present it exactly like a constructible number
> So, the world of the modern mathematics is truly shameful beyond any limit, for sure
> Regards
> Bassam King Karzeddin
> Sep.20, 2017

And for those who had forgotten the old real story of the first revolution in the history of mathematics of discovering the absolute mere existence of sqrt(2), where the Pythagorean discoverer was killed to keep this discovery as a secret, so sqrt(2) obviously not only notation in mind, it is an integer but under a single valid square root operation being the first irrational integer that exists independently from any other imaginable rational (even that rational assumed going to what they imagine as infinity), and from the simplest oldest logical proof presented historically by the Greek's (that school kids only can understand) for non-solvability of this Diophantine equation in the whole non-zero integers (n, m) where (n^2 = 2m^2)

But yes FOR this Dio.Eqn. Has unlimited rational solutions (n^2 = 2m^2 + 1), where simply the modern mathematics claims that (n/m) as the same as Sqrt(2) when both integers (n, m) tend to infinity, Thus a very clear CONTRADICTION, that also invalidate the mere existence of any alleged real number with infinite number of terms or digits,

But, it is also true that only comparison (and never equating) the irrational with rational numbers can be performed for little practical purposes

It is also the chosen unity or one which created the sqrt(2) being as a diagonal of the unit square, same for Sqrt(3) being the longest diagonal of a unit cube that merely exists independently from any imaginable rational

And a square or a cube is not necessarily related to circles, they do exist independently from circle, whereas the true circle called the perfect circle never exists in any imaginable universe
Only regular constructible polygons do exist perfectly in the reality, but never the perfect circle with its absolute (Pi)

Bassam King Karzeddin
Oct. 3, 2017