Date: Oct 4, 2017 1:21 AM
Subject: let us look in history where Newton's Compleat Quotient was not<br> adopted Re: Completed Quotient of Newton Re: reason why 1=.99999....99(10/9)

On Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:20:30 PM UTC-5, wrote:
> So 0.333... <> 1/3, do you have:
> 0.333... < 1/3
> or rather:
> 0.333... > 1/3

The number .33333..... means 3s repeated to infinity. So we have Infinity border as B


now the number

.3333333....3333(+1/3) has at B, the border, has an additional number to add unto

.3333333....33333B for which B is (+0)

Thus, 1/3 is truly the number .333333....333(+1/3) for as Newton saw it, a division process that is completed, not left to some jerks imagination.

There is a number .33333...333(0) which is the same as .33333.... and is slightly smaller than is 1/3

Now looking at history, we have to ask, why no-one followed up on Newton with his Compleat Quotient. For Newton obviously realized the danger of a number that clearly ends such as 1/2 = .5 and a number that does not end, only because fallible humans are confused in a process.

What Newton saw was what every youngster sees in division of whole numbers
3| 200 = 66 + 2/3

And Newton, thus realized that

3| 2.00 = .66 is not true because of 200/3 as model tells us 66 +2/3

and Newton realized that .666666..... is not true either, for there is still division going on.

So Newton's Compleat Quotient was his understanding there has to be a "index" to the right of the decimal point to stop the division.

So, the truth of 2.000... / 3 is not .666666..... but is rather .66666...66(+2/3)

Somewhere along the math history, after Newton, somewhere, the folks in math got extremely bad in logic and extremely lazy, in refusing to INDEX the division process to end the division, to Complete the Quotient as Newton called it.

So that 2/3 is truly equal to .66666....66(+2/3) and that 1/3 is truly equal to .3333....333(+1/3)

And that .999999...... is not equal to 1, but slightly smaller and that 1 is equal to .9999...99(+9/9)

After Newton, mathematicians became extremely illogical and lazy with .99999....

So, ask any of the Old Math what is 3 x .33333..... and their illogic says it is .99999.... = 1. Ask someone with a mind of logic, and they will tell you 3 x .33333...33(1/3) = .9999...99(+3/3) = 1

It is little things of LOGIC like this that mathematicians miss, overlook and are far too illogical to even recognize, little things like this that destroy entire mathematics itself, because .99999.... never equaled 1.