Date: Oct 4, 2017 5:54 AM
Subject: Re: Finally the discussion is over: S = Lim S is a bad definition.

el cubacabra muito coco loco wrote:

"You can only calculate an arithmetic mean
between well formed numbers you moron!
0.999... is NOT a number of any kind.
It represents a SERIES. If you define
it stupidly as Euler did to be equal
to its limit, then you are taking the
mean of 1 and 1."

Well then, why is 0.999... <> 1 in the first place?

Am Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017 05:07:23 UTC+2 schrieb Zelos Malum:
> Whats that ugly shit on the upper right? Looks like el chubacabra
> and you still aren't fucking getting the definition.