Date: Oct 4, 2017 9:58 AM
Author: FromTheRafters
Subject: Re: 0 = 1

Peter Percival presented the following explanation :
> FromTheRafters wrote:
>> It happens that Conway Lovett formulated :
>>> On Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 6:12:09 AM UTC-5, FromTheRafters wrote:
>>>> conway used his keyboard to write :
>>>>>> How is 0 space?
>>>>> Markus
>>>>> I can "see" the space of zero on ANY number line. Anyting that is
>>>>> "empty" can be measured. ANY time I have zero of anything, I still
>>>>> posses space.

>>>> This reminds me of a story my father once told me. One time he said
>>>> he was shopping for groceries in the little store we frequented. A
>>>> man comes in and says he is moving and asks the proprietor if he has
>>>> any empty boxes he can have. The store owner asks him "Empty boxes of
>>>> what?"

>>> Well empty box is still something. We can show how one
>>> empty box has something different in it as compared to another. It is
>>> impossible for anyone to have or represent nothing......go ahead
>>> will always have something....just not the thing in
>>> question.....

>> I thought that you would like that anecdote.

> I was reminded of a story told during "the troubles"
> ( Someone, accosted by a group
> of things, would be asked if they were Catholic or Protestant. "I'm an
> atheist" came the reply. "Yes, but are you a Catholic atheist or a
> Protestant atheist?"

That's a good story too.