Date: Oct 5, 2017 3:40 AM
Subject: Re: Irrefutable proofs that both Dedekind and Cauchy did not produce<br> any valid construction of the mythical "real" number

Den torsdag 5 oktober 2017 kl. 09:33:08 UTC+2 skrev John Gabriel:
> Hee, hee. Dipshit. Nothing you say has any relevance. I have proved that my improved definition meets ALL the criteria. Go fuck yourself! You will be seen as the fucking moron that you are.

that means it is YOUR definition not dedekind definition, ergo they are NOT dedekind cuts and hence your arguement against it is invalid.

This is the definition of a strawman. You make up your own shit rather than adress the proper point.

Your shit doesn't meet it because, again, why can I find rational numbers excluded? The definition says it shouldn't exist any excluded.