Date: Oct 6, 2017 2:11 PM
Author: Pentcho Valev
Subject: Re: Fake Gravitational Waves Paralyzed Physics

From now on, any new theory of space, time and gravity will have to conform to the gravitational waves predicted by Kip Thorne and gloriously detected by Kip Thorne's accomplices. If no such gravitational waves emerge from the new theory, it is false by definition. This means that mainstream mavericks like Erik Verlinde and Sabine Hossenfelder have no chances at all:

"Could the theory which predicted gravitational waves be wrong? The detection of gravitational waves scooped the 2017 Nobel physics prize. But in a Perimeter Institute lecture Erik Verlinde proposes a rather different theory of gravity."

Sabine Hossenfelder: "We have known at least since Einstein that space and time are inseparable, two hemispheres of the same cosmic brain, joined to a single entity: space-time. Einstein also taught us that space-time isn't flat, like paper, but bent and wiggly, like a rubber sheet. Space-time curves around mass and energy and this gives rise to the effect we call gravity. That's what Einstein said. But turns out... [...] What irks physicists most about giving substance to space-time is that this breaks Einstein's bond between space and time which has worked dramatically well - so far. Only further experiment will reveal whether Einstein's theory holds up."

LIGO godfathers are particularly angry at Sabine Hossenfelder. Recently she mercilessly exposed their fraud:

Sabine Hossenfelder: "Was It All Just Noise? Independent Analysis Casts Doubt On LIGO's Detections. A team of five researchers - James Creswell, Sebastian von Hausegger, Andrew D. Jackson, Hao Liu, and Pavel Naselsky - from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, presented their own analysis of the openly available LIGO data. And, unlike the LIGO collaboration itself, they come to a disturbing conclusion: that these gravitational waves might not be signals at all, but rather patterns in the noise that have hoodwinked even the best scientists working on this puzzle. [...] A few weeks ago, Andrew Jackson presented his results in Munich. A member of the local physics faculty (who'd rather not be named) finds the results "quite disturbing" and hopes that the collaboration will take the criticism of the Danes to heart. "Until LIGO will provide clear scientific(!) explanation why these findings are wrong, I would say the result of the paper to some extent invalidates the reliability of the LIGO discovery."

And now Sabine Hossenfelder wants to break "Einstein's bond between space and time"! Just a day after this bond brought so much glory (and money) to LIGO godfathers!

Pentcho Valev