Date: Nov 11, 2017 1:00 PM
Author: Pentcho Valev
Subject: Edward Witten and Kip Thorne: Geniuses in Einstein Cult

Edward Witten is unable to understand the Michelson-Morley experiment. In the video below, at 1:17, he teaches that the experiment confirmed the constant (independent of the speed of the source) speed of light posited by the ether theory, and disproved the variable (dependent on the speed of the source) speed of light posited by Newton's emission theory (actually the opposite was the case in 1887): 

Edward Witten on modern physics

In 1919 Eddington was trying to find out which deflection - that predicted by Newton's theory or that predicted by Einstein's theory - was the true one. Yet Kip Thorne teaches that Newton's theory had predicted no deflection:

Kip Thorne: "A second crucial proof of the breakdown in Newtonian gravity was the relativistic bending of light. Einstein's theory predicted that starlight passing near the limb of the sun should be deflected by 1.75 seconds of arc, whereas NEWTON'S LAW PREDICTED NO DEFLECTION. Observations during the 1919 eclipse of the sun in Brazil, carried out by Sir Arthur Eddington and his British colleagues, brilliantly confirmed Einstein's prediction to an accuracy of about 20 percent. This dealt the final death blow to Newton's law and to most other relativistic theories of gravity."

Brothers Einsteinians don't rebuke Edward Witten and Kip Thorne - they admire the breathtaking ignorance of the two geniuses and give them all sorts of prizes.

Pentcho Valev