Date: Jul 15, 1996 6:48 PM
Author: Elizabeth Weber
Subject: Polaroid Geometry Scavenger Hunt

We stopped work around 4 today for a shared activity led by Ruth Caver.  
She broke us up into 5 groups, and explained that we'd be going on a
scavernger hunt. Each group would get a polaroid camera loaded with
enough film for 10 pictures, a list of geometric items to find
outside, and half an hour. There were 16 catergories, and we could
submit no more than 1 picture per category. Within each category, there
were items worth 1 point, 2 points, and 3 points--and the score was
doubled if we could find the items occuring naturally. My groups was
delighted with our first find--the veins on a plant growing in the
courtyard were rays which bisected complementary angles--6 points. We
spent a lot of time trying to find other items as good, and and just
made it back in time for our deadline. We thought we'd done pretty well
with 28 points, but another group had 42.
Then Ruth gave each group a peice of posterboard, a gluestick,
and an extensive list of geometry terms. Each group would get a point
for every word it could use in describing it's pictures (Only the first
usage counted). We made up some ground here, using 80 words, like
besector, obtuse, quadrilateral, etc. Unfortunately for our competitive
aspirations, another group managed to use 125 words. And so we came in
second overall.