Date: Aug 1, 1997 10:01 PM
Subject: Fwd: favorite resource

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Subj: Re: favorite resource
Date: 97-08-01 21:59:49 EDT
From: Pjsherlock

I agree wholeheartedly! As a high school math teacher, I have used Green
Globs for many years now and it is a tremendous resource for helping students
to discover how elements in equations affect the graphs of those equations.
Also the second program within it asks students to identify the equations
given the graph of it. They input their answer and are given instant
feedback so they can try again if they are incorrect or have the answer
displayed. I wouldn't teach conics in Algebra II without it now. Of course,
the game is always fun for students. The challenge is to get them to use
more sophisticated equations to burst more green globs.
Pam S.