Date: Feb 22, 1995 11:05 AM
Author: Art Mabbott
Subject: Taxicab Geometry

	I hope that someone out there can provide me with some help.  I am
working my way through the small paperback book "Taxicab Geometry - An
Adventure in Non-Euclidean Geometry" by Eugene F. Krause with a topics
class of high school pre-math anal jrs and srs. And I would like to pick
the brains of those who have used it before. What I'd like is a summative
type activity to evaluate and access. This could be in the form of a
paper, project, test, or whatever has worked for you. We are trying to
focus on writing across the entire curriculum and they have done some
"mathematically meaningful writing" so it could be a written. But it
doesn't have to be...

At Newport, we in the math department have defined mathematically
meaningful writing as (in correct paragraph form) 1) state and explain the
problem, 2) explain your process (including any false starts), 3) state
any conclusions and/or answers and justify them (Why are they the right
answers? Are there other less correct answers?), 4) reflect on what your
learned and what you did, and finally 5) prepare it like a 5-star
restaurant would prepare a meal-with class.

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