Date: Nov 10, 1995 4:18 PM
Author: Steve Means
Subject: Re: Learning and Mathematics: Papert, mathetics

My students use their second quarter to investigate topics of interest 
and select one to feature during their second semester. Some examples are:

1. An investigation of the art and design of Maurits Escher.
2. A study of the architecture of a country of origin.
3. Structure in the construction of a musical instrument.
4. The design of a public garden.
5. Building a wishing well.
6. The design of a transportation HUB.

Each of these have been done in past years by my students.

from Steven S. Means
Math and Technology Teacher at Sammamish High School

On Fri, 10 Nov 1995, Jim LaCasse wrote:

> Steve, what would be an example of such a long term project for an
> average discovery geometry class?
> Jim